Ode to Summer Breezes and Sunsets

Today is Labor Day and thus the end of summer 2014. One of my favorite things about summer is the warm breeze, so this summer I decided to create my very own wind chime. I used an old tea kettle and vintage spoons to create a clever wind chime unique to my home.

MRS Designs Blog - DIY wind chime using a tea kettle and spoons
MRS Designs - DYI Wind Chime

I love how the vintage spoons make such a magical sound in the wind!

I drilled holes in the silverware to hang them from the tea kettle. It was a bit hard to drill through, but patience always pays off. Steady and slow...in a way, just like summer! I decided to add a bit more character and stamp some words onto the spoons after flattening them with a hammer. I twisted the tines of the fork and then hung all the spoons from it to create a fun way to separate the spoons as they hung down. A chain hangs from the spout of the tea kettle to complete the wind chime.

Summer breezes were blowing our flag out in our front yard:

MRS Designs Blog - Patriotic Flag

And our whirlygigs were flying all summer. We are a little looney :)

MRS Designs Blog - Gorgeous Sunsets

Beautiful clouds created beautiful sunsets.

Rainstorms blew through and sometimes left a rainbow.

MRS Designs Blog - Cow Pasture

Summer was peaceful and lazy.

And the sky was constantly changing as days drifted by.

MRS Designs Blog - Sunsets

Blessings to you on this last of summer sunsets.


Remember to  reuse, renew, repurpose.