2014 Winter Olympics! Go Team USA!


We are so excited at MRS Designs for the 2014 Winter Olympics to begin! We are looking forward to watching the greatest athletes from around the world compete and cheering on Team USA. Bring on the gold! 

The other day while going through our vintage button collection, we came across the absolute perfect vintage button to celebrate the beginning of the 2014 Winter Olympics! Can you believe it?! A beautiful button with the olympic torch. Such a fantastic symbol for the olympics! Absolutely stunning. 

Good luck to all the athletes and go Team USA!


Jewelry in-the-making: RED!

It seems like red is everywhere at MRS Designs as we continue to get ready for Valentine's Day. Shopping this weekend proved that we are not the only shop with Valentine's Day on our minds. With glitter, lace, and hearts galore, we decided it was time to put together an inspiration board of red! 

We have beautiful vintage buttons, topped with gold and silver details, intricate beads of brilliant shades of red, a gorgeous glass rosary necklace, and a fabulous gold crown brooch. So many different possibilities for a new jewelry piece to be added to our shop.

Jewelry in-the-making: Yellow!

It may be sunny out, but it is COLD here in Minnesota today!!! With a temp of -20 this morning, we are looking for warmth wherever we can find it, so we decided to center today's blog post around a nice warm color - yellow!

Here are some of our favorite yellow treasures around MRS Designs' creative headquarters that we put together initially before creating two beautiful new bracelets. 

Starting to warm up yet?

Below are two final products resulting from our yellow collection. Check out our shop page or click on the pictures below to get more information about the components and to see more pictures!

Gold Rush Button Bracelet

Gold Rush Button Bracelet

Yellow Cat's Eye Bracelet

Yellow Cat's Eye Bracelet

Jewelry in-the-making: Update!

If you recall, before Thanksgiving we posted a blog about the inspiration behind a new bracelet, using brown and gold pieces as the starting point. The final product is complete and now available in our shop! We used the carmel swirl cubed Czech glass beads and the intricately carved metal shank buttons from the brown and gold collection blog post to create the Caramel Elegance Button Bracelet. It's gorgeous and ready to fancy up your outfit!

Jewelry in-the-making: Brown and Gold!

Neutral jewelry is a must when you want to compliment any outfit. Here are some of our favorite gold/brown vintage buttons and beads from around our creative headquarters that we are using as inspiration for a new jewelry piece. My personal favorites from this collection are the globe-like vintage metal buttons resting on the small white platform and the vintage oblong orange and gold beads laying on the fabric. Such detail is put into such a small pieces, how can you not love them?! The new bracelet from this collection should be available on our shop page next week!

Jewelry in-the-making: Brown! MRS Designs, LLC

Jewelry in-the-making: Purple!

This week we are absolutely loving the royal color of purple! Here is what we put together to get our creative juices flowing...a vintage gold-filled square locket, pearl clip-on earrings, a stunning vintage purple brooch, a round gold pendant with a small rhinestone, and a fun assortment of beads and intricately detailed vintage buttons. 

Here are the resulting bracelets! We were able to make two bracelets from this inspiring creative session. Check them out in more detail in the bracelet section of our shop page! 

We used the gold pendant as the charming bangle on the Perfect Plum Rhinestone bracelet along with a few of the vintage buttons and beads. We love how it turned out! 

Perfect Plum Rhinestone Bracelet

Many of the intricate mother of pearl riveted and carved metal buttons, along with the smokey plum glass pearls were used in the Smokey Plum Pearl bracelet.  We love this one too! Let us know what you think!

Smokey Plum Pearl Bracelet

Back from Vacation!

MRS Designs, LLC collects buttons from across the country!

MRS Designs owner, Margaret, just got back from a road trip with her husband to the east coast for a wedding. From Minnesota to Virginia, there are thousands of antique stores just waiting to be explored. So, of course, they had to stop and pick up some treasures for MRS Designs! Here are some of the top finds! We're seeing future button bouquets and how great would those little sparkle buttons look on a bracelet!