Talking Vintage Doors

Sometimes doors talk to me. Yes, it's true. Today I'd like to share with you a story about a shopping spree where this very thing happened to me! I was shopping with the hubby at a liquidation sale, which was a very favorite shop of mine for many years, and I was super sad it was closing. In my melancholy mood I waded through the items, telling myself that I didn't need that, or that, until I saw back against a shadowy wall an old brown door with groovy 60's flocked wallpaper on it. I could imagine it in a beautiful neutral color; a perfect setting to hold seasonal vignettes. This is what I was envisioning:

MRS Designs Blog - Refinishing a Vintage Door and Back To School Chalkboard Art with Bunting Banner

The door was just begging to go home with me. Of course I agreed, but I knew this would be a tough sell for the hubby. It was a solid heavy door and very, well, ugly. I could easily envision it stripped and painted, but this can be difficult for a math-minded man like my guy. "Are you sure??" he hubby always hopes I will rethink everything twice, as he hates to spend money. Always trusting my trash-to-treasure vision, he agreed we should rescue the door.

After getting the door home, I couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking to wall paper a door?! Oh...perhaps it was to cover up the two deep cracks all the way down the panel that I discovered once removing it. I wonder how that happened? Too many harsh winter storms? Perhaps it was a very strong, young, Paul Bunyan type farmer knocking to call on a neighbors daughter? How romantic. I digress. I spackled and sanded, then spackled and sanded again. It did not want to give up this character line! Even after painting many coats! Fine. I'm O.K. with it. I have wrinkles too :)

MRS Designs Blog - Refinishing a Vintage Door, After Picture

Here is the vintage door, anew again! And adorning her new look is our ode to "Back to School" 2014. 

Did you notice the books? Very school-ish, don't you think?? This is a simple way to add a vintage touch in your home and be festive for the back-to-school season!

MRS Designs Blog - Back to School Decorating. Take a few books and wrap them with an old belt!
MRS Designs Blog - Refinishing a Vintage Door and Back To School Chalkboard Art and Bunting Banner

I made my bunting with polka dot cardstock and added festive vintage-looking flash cards I created using stamps. I decided to try to make a chalkboard out of an old frame and chalk paint. I gave my daughter, Nicole, some ideas of what I wanted the chalkboard graphic to look like and she was able to create this swirly design for me on her computer. I printed it out and covered the back with chalk. After taping the design to the board (chalk side down), I began to trace away...I tried to stay on the lines! The chalk transferred back to the board and a copy of the design was left. Just like using carbon paper (for us old timers). 

I found using chalk very challenging and decided I was good with using a permanent marker, like a sharpie, to complete the graphic.

MRS Designs Blog - Back To School Chalkboard Art and Bunting Banner

It looks very "perfect" for photographing, but I think I will "touch it up" with some sandpaper now that the photo shoot is done.

Here is the door all dressed up for the Fourth of July. 

MRS Designs Blog - Refinishing a Vintage Door, Decorating for the Fourth of July

That once ugly, groovy door was not the only door I came home with that day. I also found this beauty...see it there, almost floating in the sky??

MRS Designs Blog - Using a Vintage Door within a Skylight

What you are looking at is the awesome ceiling of my craft shop. This California girl loves her sun, so during the long Minnesota winters I need to get my sun fix. I'm so lucky to have this sun lantern to let in so much beautiful natural light! I needed something to break the direct light on hot summer days, but I did not want to lose the beautiful blue sky. This door was the perfect the solution! It's an aged buttery yellow color and has beautiful etched glass panes.  

MRS Designs Blog - Using a Vintage Door in a Skylight

Keeps me looking up in more ways than one.

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