Valentine's Day Countdown - It's Finally Here!!

Today is the day! Happy Valentine's Day!!! Since most women out there, whether single or in a relationship, will be eating chocolate today, we thought it'd be funny to post a vintage valentine involving a scale. This scale is a special scale though, with a rotating back listing "To My Own True Love" in the scale window rather than the scary numbers we all try to avoid looking at during holidays. We think it's a charming little valentine, and really, who couldn't smile when looking at this little girl's checkerboard dress with big pink bow, not to mention the sweet puppy and giggling boy.


We hope you have enjoyed following along the MRS Designs Valentine's Day Countdown! It was so fun to revisit all of the vintage valentine's we have collected over the years and transport ourselves back in time where Sponge-Bob and Justin Bieber valentines were not the norm. Sending lots of love from MRS Designs, we wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Love me dear, as I love you, with a heart as warm and true,
Then may I be, Oh! bliss divine, forevermore your valentine.

Valentine's Day Countdown - 1 Day Left!!

Only one day left until Valentine's Day! We can't wait to celebrate with our loved ones. Today's blog is featuring an intricate three-layer fold-down vintage valentine. Standing about nine inches tall, the valentine is gorgeous and definitely a show-stopper when it comes to valentines. One of our favorite parts though are the hand-written names on the back, "To Charlotte, from Anges." We love the classic names as it really takes us back in time. What great friends the two must have been to warrant such a beautiful valentine!


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If you could look into my heart and see the love that’s there,
then turn it into money, you would be a millionaire.

Valentine's Day Countdown - 3 Days Left!

Three sweet heart vintage valentines and three days until Valentine's Day!


Printed on delicate paper and carefully cut around the edges, the sweet scene and floral patterns are gorgeous! Bright colors bring these valentines to life! I personally love how the first valentine is addressed, "To one I fancy and love." How romantic!

Inside each card are more sweet-nothings, sure to win over the recipient and make them blush. 

Dearie me, I’m worried some,
Do tell me what’s the matter.
Every time I look at you,
My heart goes pitter, patter.

Valentine's Day Countdown - 4 Days Left!

Today we are featuring two fold-down vintage valentines. The first one is of a darling boy riding a chariot, with a message over doves saying, "Here's my heart secret, If you will please take it, as faithful love can make it." The other valentine shows two cherubs forging wedding rings to last a lifetime. On the back of each you can find the original sender and receivers of the valentines:

To Betty J, from Robert and To Miss Wagner, from Dorothy Davis

Was there a possible love fling between Robert and Betty J? Was it a forbidden affair and this valentine was passed along in secret? Were Miss Wagner and Dorothy best friends? We love trying to transport ourselves back in time and make up a soap opera story to bring the valentines to life. 

I want to send a valentine, a heart wish all for you,
but it takes a lot of courage, such a bold bold thing to do.

Valentine's Day Countdown - 5 Days Left!

The countdown to Valentine's Day is flying by...and so is this vintage valentine! Here we have another mechanical valentine where the heart with the valentine's greeting can move beneath the airplane. We love the sweet little children pilots, sneaking a quick loving glance at each other.

A Token of Affection.
I love to fly to and fro, when with my loving beau.

Valentine's Day Countdown - 6 Days Left!

Fancy Saturday calls for a fancy featured vintage valentine! This vintage valentine is full of color and spring flowers. It appears to be a flat card at first, but pull down the front "Best Wishes" flap and the valentine comes to life with honeycomb tissue and two cut-out layers! A very sweet card, indeed!

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I’m waiting for the answer from you - Will you be my valentine true?

Valentine's Day Countdown - 7 Days Left!

Only one week left!

We love the vintage honeycomb tissue valentines! And how cute is this little boy in a tux?! The "I'm all togged up" greeting fits the illustration perfectly.

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My heart’s for sale, who’ll buy? My dear, are you the lucky guy?

Valentine's Day Countdown - 8 Days Left!

Today's featured valentine - a vintage fold out card with honeycomb tissue! This vintage valentine is huge and definitely was meant to be on display. Sadly, the red honeycomb tissue has faded over the many years, but we still love the unique shape and darling cherubs watching over.


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“Watch me join those two hearts as one,” said wise cupid with the dart; it was no sooner said than done - his arrow struck true the mark.

Valentine's Day Countdown - 9 Days Left!

Valentine's Day is all about sharing the love and giving personal gifts. MRS Designs has the perfect necklace for someone that loves the classic, vintage look. Order a custom monogramed optical lens necklace to give a truly beautiful personalized gift. Purchase soon in order to have it arrive in time for Valentine's Day! Our Valentine's Day shop is still open as well!

Vintage Monogramed Optical Lens Necklaces, MRS Designs

Vintage Monogramed Optical Lens Necklaces, MRS Designs

I want you for my valentine, and pledge my love anew,
Just say again that you are mine, for no one else will do.

Valentine's Day Countdown - 10 Days Left!

We are feeling playful today at MRS Designs, so we thought this playful vintage mechanical valentine was very fitting! With a teeter-totter that actually works, we love the sweet, innocent characters on this valentine. Why don't we make valentines like this anymore?

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MRS Designs Fabric Heart.JPG
With smile divine I greet you, my valentine to keep you.

Valentine's Day Countdown - 11 Days Left!

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Sparkle Milk Glass Shaker Button Bouquet

Sparkle Milk Glass Shaker Button Bouquet

In the garden of your heart, I’d plant a tiny flower
Forget-me-nots so you would think of me every passing hour

Valentine's Day Countdown - 12 Days Left!

At MRS Designs we love vintage mechanical valentines! The illustrations are hilarious and the movement is clever. Today we'd like to share a funny little mechanical valentine of a darling girl riding her dog to deliver a valentine to someone special. How clever the valentine is with the back legs of the dog moving! We can't help but smile!

I cannot put my thoughts in print, I simply give this little hint - I want you for my valentine.

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Countdown to Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air! 

Today is February 1st, so it's time to start getting serious about Valentine's Day! Begin the hunt for the perfect gift for that special someone and make a reservation if you are eating out. We thought it'd be fun to use our blog as a Valentine's Day countdown, sharing with you some of our favorite vintage valentines and gift ideas from MRS Designs.

To kick off the countdown, we'll first share three of our favorite little, delicate, sweet vintage valentines.

We absolutely adore the sweet little greetings and illustrations in each card, along with the bright colored front and cut edges. 

My Valetine, though you wake or sleep, My heart is yours and yours for keeps.

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