Charmlicious at MRS Designs

Have you bought your charming Christmas tree yet? 

MRS Designs Blog - Charm pendants made with vintage clock gears

We are busy here at MRS Designs putting together our Christmas trees. They are made from discarded clock parts, beads, and wire.

MRS Designs Blog - Charm pendants made with vintage clock gears

The trees are part of a new product here at MRS Designs. We are offering charm clusters that can easily be clipped onto necklaces, hats, purses, scarves...anything to help your day to be charming and cheery!

Here is a charming cluster of trees...Ahhh yes and a snowman too!

MRS Designs Blog - Charm pendants made with vintage clock gears

Here he is in the making...Uh-oh looks like a white out blizzard!

MRS Designs Blog - Charm pendants

Here we are...much better.  The "snowman's components" - two beads in graduated sizes, a rondelle, and a head pin. 

MRS Designs Blog - Charm pendants in the making

Working on these cute charms is like working in Santa's Workshop!

MRS Designs Blog - Charm pendants made with vintage clock gears

Here are some charming pendants made with Mother of Pearl buttons...find more in our shop!

MRS Designs Blog - Charm pendants made with stacked mother of pearl buttons

This one reminds me of a cluster of gumdrops...

MRS Designs Blog - Charm pendants made with mother of pearl buttons

Wishing you clusters of inspiration!

MRS Designs Blog - Charm pendants made with vintage clock gears


Remember reuse, renew, repurpose


Jewelry in-the-making: RED!

It seems like red is everywhere at MRS Designs as we continue to get ready for Valentine's Day. Shopping this weekend proved that we are not the only shop with Valentine's Day on our minds. With glitter, lace, and hearts galore, we decided it was time to put together an inspiration board of red! 

We have beautiful vintage buttons, topped with gold and silver details, intricate beads of brilliant shades of red, a gorgeous glass rosary necklace, and a fabulous gold crown brooch. So many different possibilities for a new jewelry piece to be added to our shop.

Jewelry in-the-making: Yellow!

It may be sunny out, but it is COLD here in Minnesota today!!! With a temp of -20 this morning, we are looking for warmth wherever we can find it, so we decided to center today's blog post around a nice warm color - yellow!

Here are some of our favorite yellow treasures around MRS Designs' creative headquarters that we put together initially before creating two beautiful new bracelets. 

Starting to warm up yet?

Below are two final products resulting from our yellow collection. Check out our shop page or click on the pictures below to get more information about the components and to see more pictures!

Gold Rush Button Bracelet

Gold Rush Button Bracelet

Yellow Cat's Eye Bracelet

Yellow Cat's Eye Bracelet

Jewelry in-the-making: Update!

If you recall, before Thanksgiving we posted a blog about the inspiration behind a new bracelet, using brown and gold pieces as the starting point. The final product is complete and now available in our shop! We used the carmel swirl cubed Czech glass beads and the intricately carved metal shank buttons from the brown and gold collection blog post to create the Caramel Elegance Button Bracelet. It's gorgeous and ready to fancy up your outfit!

Gobble til you wobble!

It's almost Thanksgiving and the prepping of goodies and decorations has started! To get you into the Thanksgiving spirit, here is one of our favorite Thanksgiving vintage postcards. MRS Designs' owner, Margaret, used this postcard on the invitations she sent out to her family as a fun way to get everyone in the Thanksgiving mood.

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

On Thursday we are planning to give you an insiders look into Margaret's Thanksgiving celebration, but for now, here is a sneak peek at one of the crafty decorations in the making! Margaret used paper cones, paper, and old sheet music to craft cute little Thanksgiving scones which will be filled with goodies for each guest. Next she will embellish them with ribbon, paper, and the turkey from the invite...stay tuned to Thursday's blog to see the final product!


Hope you are having as much fun prepping for Thanksgiving this year as we are! And if you are not hosting, safe travels to you and don't forget your appetite!

Jewelry in-the-making: Brown and Gold!

Neutral jewelry is a must when you want to compliment any outfit. Here are some of our favorite gold/brown vintage buttons and beads from around our creative headquarters that we are using as inspiration for a new jewelry piece. My personal favorites from this collection are the globe-like vintage metal buttons resting on the small white platform and the vintage oblong orange and gold beads laying on the fabric. Such detail is put into such a small pieces, how can you not love them?! The new bracelet from this collection should be available on our shop page next week!

Jewelry in-the-making: Brown! MRS Designs, LLC

Jewelry in-the-making: Purple!

This week we are absolutely loving the royal color of purple! Here is what we put together to get our creative juices flowing...a vintage gold-filled square locket, pearl clip-on earrings, a stunning vintage purple brooch, a round gold pendant with a small rhinestone, and a fun assortment of beads and intricately detailed vintage buttons. 

Here are the resulting bracelets! We were able to make two bracelets from this inspiring creative session. Check them out in more detail in the bracelet section of our shop page! 

We used the gold pendant as the charming bangle on the Perfect Plum Rhinestone bracelet along with a few of the vintage buttons and beads. We love how it turned out! 

Perfect Plum Rhinestone Bracelet

Many of the intricate mother of pearl riveted and carved metal buttons, along with the smokey plum glass pearls were used in the Smokey Plum Pearl bracelet.  We love this one too! Let us know what you think!

Smokey Plum Pearl Bracelet

Jewelry in-the-making: BLUE!

The first step to starting a new jewelry piece at MRS Designs...picking a color scheme! Today we are feeling cold in blustery Minnesota as winter moves in and felt that a bracelet of blues would fit perfectly! Here are some of the vintage buttons and beads we have selected to start the creative process. Check out our shop section soon to see the finished product!